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Start Completely New Lifestyles And Derive Even More Satisfaction

The emergence of e-cigarettes in the market has saved smokers and non-smokers alike a big deal. Smokers now have a “healthier” alternative while non-smokers are free from the risk and annoyance caused by smoke from cigarettes. In addition, smokers can now have more say on which exact flavors they want. Our brands of e cigarett have enabled users to start completely new lifestyles and derive even more satisfaction from the product. With the health risks against tobacco being responsible for millions of deaths worldwide on an annual basis, e-cigarettes have stepped up the fight against tobacco-related deaths by offering better alternatives to users. Within our collection of e-cigarettes, we have flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, which ensures that users are not just restricted to traditional nicotine flavor.

Unlike the conventional cigarettes that were widely criticized fort putting the lives of non-smokers at risk because of the smoke produced during consumption, our products use flavored vapor instead and a battery is used to heat the flavored liquid in the vaporizer to produce the vapor that is only inhaled by the user. As a result, users of our products can be able to enjoy the product even in areas where smoking is not allowed. There is no arguing with the fact that the use of e-cigarettes has stirred up a lot of debate concerning just how safe the product is. It is however important to note that the product is regulated like any other substance that can only be used by those over the age of 18 years and it is illegal to sell the product to children even though certain flavors are labeled ‘strawberry”, “chocolate” and so on.

We always have consumers’ best interest in heart and that’s why we sell this product to also double up as tools to help smokers to quit smoking. The more the users use our particular ranger of e-cigarettes, the nearer they draw to towards the dream of cessation of tobacco use. Tobacco users are traditionally segregated by health insurance companies and are targeted for higher premiums because they are generally viewed as being high-risk. However, with the entry of e-cigarettes and with consultations ongoing about their possible advantage over conventional cigarettes, a number of heath insurance companies are reviewing their stance against those who use e-cigarettes and with time the premiums will hopefully come down.

For those who do not want anything to do with nicotine, you do not have to worry because we also have brands that are nicotine-free and which can get you on your way to quitting smoking.